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 Real Life Roleplay!

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PostSubject: Real Life Roleplay!   8/27/2011, 9:43 pm

You roleplay as yourself. Simple as that.

I'll start

Kendall gazed at the computer screen, looking at the empty bottles around her desk. She was as bored as hell, and munched on a crabcake. Looking down at it, she heard a knock on the door. She was afraid to answer it, so she just ingored it. Another knock. Getting up, Kendall looked through the peephole. "Hello? Who's there?"

[15:30:44]@ Koala : Little red riding Gaz.

[15:30:52] @ Koala : Gaz and the three bears.

[15:30:56] @ Koala : Gazpunzel.

[15:31:02] @ Koala : Sleeping Gaz.

[15:31:08] @ Koala : Gazerella.
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Real Life Roleplay!
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